LucaniKami, Super high quality hand-made paper art by an industrial designer

Rafa Riego, an artist from Mexico, has come up with an amazing product as a decoration for any home. If you watch the video on his Kickstarter page, you will see that he creates the Lucani Kami which are stag beetles. Each product is hand crafted by Rafa himself and comes in a variety of colors to match any room or wall color.  The subhead on the Kickstarter page says “Super high quality hand-made paper art by an industrial designer” and the subhead describes it perfectly.

Pledges start at MX$20 and go to MX$3,200. Backers have a selection of pledge options which receive a different collection of the stag bettle product.

If you look down on the Kickstarter page, you will also find other designs include steers and shells.

You can see more information on the Paper Alliance Facebook page at as well as the Paper Alliance Instagram page at – Follow him for more updates on new art products.

Network: Kickstarter

Deadline: 7/13/2018
Click here to visit the campaign page at

Goal: $1,200.00