Kitatoz – Organic, TSA Approved Toiletry Kit

One Stop Solution for your Travel Toiletry Problems
We have customized kits for women and men

The Kitatoz Luxury Toiletry Kit is a one stop solution for the inglorious way we have to pack our toiletries together as we travel. It is also a way out of buying, poor quality and overpriced toiletries. The Kitatoz Luxury Travel Kit offers a luxury toiletry kit and an affordable way to acquire both USA made and organic toiletries at an affordable rate.

Benefits to the consumer

  • So,travelling to the gym for fitness purposes is not going to stop,travelling to work,school,a new state or country,sleepover nights and military missions will not stop either.
  • We are determined to change the way you travel, now you don’t need to go to stores to buy each item individually and pack them in a messy bag. We have taken care of all this.

Our Product is Designed to Enable People Maintain Their Health and Beauty Anywhere, Anytime

Network: Kickstarter

Deadline: 2/2/2018
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Goal: $10,000.00