Help a Man on Disability Get Through the 2016 Holiday Season

Coming from Jerry Collin’s GoFundMe page, I am copying his story so you can read it first hand. For those people who want to help and donate, please visit the URL listed in this article. I have been on a short term disability since June. I get a disability check but still fall short each month and with the holidays coming. I just see if ask for some help get me through. I hope to return to work soon.

I am grounded from my job at the moment. They won’t even let pickup a piece a paper because of liability issues. I am a DOT driver for my company but I have some eye issues. I have had to endure several eye surgeries on my right eye. After each eye surgery, I am given time to heal, then a stitch may be removed or more surgery may be required with more time to heal. Dr. seems to think a longer healing time promotes less astigmatism that will eventually help me see better

Network: GoFundMe

Deadline: 12/18/2016
Click here to visit the campaign page at

Goal: $1,000.00

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