Geosports will revolutionize the way you socialize and play sports. On the Go!

Geosports is an amazing app where you can find others to play sports with you. I, myself, am always looking for a tennis partner and none of my friends or family play tennis. I also jog, but nobody likes to jog as fast as me, so I think Geosports will definitely help make my sports life easier. I can go onto Geosports and post a day and time to play tennis. People around my local area can find me and the games I schedule. The Geosports app comes with a built in Google Map so you can pinpoint locations, play fields, venues, fields, courts, or just about anywhere people play sports.

Visit the Kickstarter campaign now and watch the intro video.

Network: kickstarter

Deadline: 0/2/Apri
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Goal: $11,000.00

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